"I want to tell you that my experience with D-Bat has been great, I've been bringing my son here off and on for a couple of years now, this year more frequently. It's a nice facility and run well. We have utilized some of you instructors in the past with good results. Without regularity of instruction my son improved but not to the level repetition demands. He (my son) expressed more of a serious interest in improving with hitting and pitching. I met Hestand while my son was hitting in the cages, Hestand had a few minutes before his next lesson began. Without hesitation or request he stepped in the cage with my boy and started giving him a few pointers. I thought what a nice gesture and he had a great temperament and way with my son. I asked if we could have a lesson with him that next week, of course he said yes. We have been doing lessons with Hestand for a few months now a couple of times a week. Not only my son has improved in pitching and his batting (no hitters, inside the park homers) but he has also found the confidence that goes along with said improvement. He seems to be having more fun due to the fact that he does better in games. He is 10 years old and has always been very good at baseball (All Stars almost every year, now 10th season) but the marked improvement I give credit to Hestand his instruction, patients, and temperament. He's good with the kid and also challenges him verbally and physically. So thank you to Hestand and D-Bat from a happy and proud Father." -Dr. D. A. McPearson
"Awesome experience. Hestand was great with Kell. We'll see you again real soon." -Brek Clendenin

"My son had a 30 minute lesson with Hestanon Friday. We had baseball practice yesterday & not only was my 8 yr old enthusiastic to show off his new batting stance & share it with his team, but his coach noticed a huge improvement in his batting. He was more accurate & hitting harder. He's more confident & more excited about improving. This is huge as he used to be very complacent about baseball. I don't know what Hestand told him (my daughter was asleep in the car so I wasn't inside), but I want you to know how much it helped. Thank you Hestand!!" -Michelle Grimsley

"Madi has been working with Brooke for about 9 months. Brooke has been WONDERFUL with her in all aspects. She built a strong rapport with her right from the start which helps Madi want to work harder for Brooke. In the long run, this has really shown in her improved performance on the field. She is now consistantly throwing more strikes than balls, and has really driven up her first pitch strikes to increase her strike outs overall. This growth from a beginning pitcher to where she is now has been amazing to watch and I know there is so much more to come. I can't thank Brooke enough. I will always recommend Brooke, and D-BAT, to any parent that asks me if Madi works with anyone for her pitching." -Jennifer Milner

"My 12 year old daughter Sierra has been taking pitching lessons from Brooke for about a year now. Sierra had no experience at all but really wanted to learn. The transformation has been remarkable. She pitched a few innings here and there last season and this season she won her first complete game. The last inning she pitched, the batters were four up, three down with two strikeouts. Thank you Brooke for your patience and encouragement. Sierra has learned so much from you. You are an awesome teacher but an even better person!" -Amy Manners 

"Brooke is able to push Emma to improve each session. As a Father & Coach it is sometimes difficult to have a message resonate with your own daughter. Emma listens to Brooke with coaching on the small thing and reacts well to Brooke pushing her to improve. Brooke also does a good job of listening to Emma's comments and questions." -John Davis

"Maddison had a wonderful time with her first lesson. Thank you to Brooke for helping a little kid love softball more!" -Michelle Robinson

Brooke was AWESOME! She brings a lot of energy and knowledge to the session. I also appreciate her positive approach to coaching, we will definitely be requesting her for future sessions."