All our Batting Cages are open to the public--you don't have to be a member to use them. In fact, you can try them for free! Click here to get 75 free pitches in our batting cages.

At D-BAT Golden Triangle, our batting cages use real baseballs and dimpled softballs. All of our pitching machines are identical and will throw baseballs and softballs and are adjustable for speed.


  • 1-9 Credits (about 15 pitches/credit): $2.00 each
  • 15 Credits (about 300 pitches): $20.00
  • 50 Credits: $50
  • 10 Credits per day: $48/month with a membership (plus other great benefits)
  • 20 Credits per day: $88/month with a membership (plus other great benefits)

Credits are loaded onto a reusable card and never expire! 

Speeds range from:


  • 40mph
  • 50mph
  • 60mph
  • 70mph


  • Slow pitch
  • 40mph
  • 50mph
  • 60mph

Batting Cage FAQ's

Is my child too young to hit 40mph?

That's up to you. We don't set a minimum age on our batting cages. We've had 5 year olds come and use our cages. 40mph is about the slowest speed you can throw a baseball without putting a large arc on it. 40mph is about the normal speed of a typical coach pitch player.

Can I use credits at another B-DAT?

No, D-BAT credits are only good at the D-BAT where they are purchased.

Do I have to be a member to use the batting cages?

Absolutely not. Our batting cages are available to the public anytime we are open. Members do get some benefits, though.

Can I reserve a batting cage?

Yes, any of our cages can be reserved (click here for more info). Just give us a call and we will reserve a cage for you. Note, we always keep some cages open for walk-in clients.


All of our cages are available to rent. We will provide you with balls (please don't bring your own), L-screens and tees. We have:

  • 4 indoor identical pitching machines that throw baseballs & softballs and are adjustable for speed
  • 4 indoor non-machine cages, 2 with pitching mounds
  • 2 outdoor, covered pitching tunnels with pitching mounds
  • 1 outdoor field

Teams wishing to book a recurring cage rental should call us for a discount.

 Batting Cage Rental

Pitching Machine Rental



Batting Cage Rental

Non-Machine Cage Rental


Pitching Tunnel Rental


Outdoor Covered Pitching Tunnel Rental



Baseball & Softball Field Rental

Outdoor Field Rental